Type: coding
The Code & Go Robot Mouse Colby activity set is an all inclusive kit for primary aged kids to learn basic coding concepts and develop logical thinking skills.

Ages: 4 - 9
Why we love it:
A simple idea with a maze a mouse and a slice of cheese, becomes the perfect background to increase the kid's skills in sequencing, thinking in steps, how to clear a command, how to combine commands etc. It's a really good idea to get younger kids to use the sequencing cards to work out their code first and then programme it into Colby. It's easy to press the wrong button, which means you have to start from the beginning of the sequence again. Remember to press yellow to cancel!
The maze is fantastic for developing spatial awareness and logical thinking skills. The maze can be built in a variety of ways using the 16 square tiles. If you look carefully, there is an easy and logical way to build, when you lay all the tiles in the same direction.
Why kids love it:
The coding activity cards included, means you can start playing immediately by following the pictorial instructions. Kids can put Colby through its paces and really enjoy all the cute squeaky mouse sounds. Colby's eyes also flashes blue when he finds his cheese.
The cheese has a magnet inside and when Colby's nose touches it, he's activated to play a sound. Kids get very excited when they discover this feature.
Kids can use the maze walls to create traps and dead-ends and bridges to guide Colby in a certain direction.
Technical charecteristics:
Robotic mouse measures 10cm L
Maze board measures 50x50
Activity set includes:
  • 16 plastic base pieces,
  • 22 plastic maze walls,
  • 3 tunnel pieces,
  • 30 double sided coding cards,
  • 20 Sequence cards to plot and track the mouse’s path to the cheese,
  • Multilingual activity guide,
  • Robotic mouse.
Mouse requires 3 AAA batteries (not included).
Winner of ASTRA Best Toys for Kids 2016 - Learning Play Category.

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