QUIRKBOT Coding & Robotics Kit

Type: coding

QUIRKBOT Coding & Robotics Kit
Ages: 12+
Why we love it:
QUIRKBOT is a small unit which sets in motion your Strawbees creations! Make your bridge interactive, build a ball road, a banana piano or your own Robot.

Quirkbot is the perfect programmable material for creative making in the intersection between the physical and virtual.

  • Provides a basic introduction to the concepts of coding
  • Step coding
  • Logic
  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Ideal solo or small group activity
Why kids love it:
QUIRKBOT is suited excellently around to learn to code! 
By making inventions you tell your own story in a new way, and learn a ton of new skills in the process.

The set comes with:
QUIRKBOT, accumulator, counters, tools, engine, LEDs, light sensors, cables, Strawbees connecting pieces and 100 Straws.

The illustrated Guide informs about many functions simply. To programm online is also possible. Infos on www.quirkbot.com.