Type: Math

Peekaboo learning farm -   There's more than hay inside these barns— there's farmyard learning fun! 
Age: 18 months - 4 years
Why we love it: 

  • This toy set is very interactive and fun for toddlers
  • Kids learn counting, color, matching, and sorting skills during every imaginative adventure with the farm friends 
  • Build new fine motor skills during early games of pretend, then move on to early math and color identification
  • Helps kids build coordination and other fine motor skills every time they pop them open or snap them shut

Why kids love it: 

  • They find the animals during games of hide and seek, make their own memory game, or just let imagination go!
  • Vibrant colors are fun and attractive
  • Animals are adorable and can be used as finger puppets
  • Kids love opening the barns up and making the animal sounds

This set comes with:

The Peekaboo Learning Farm includes 5 two-piece numbered barns in 5 colors and 5 barnyard animal finger puppets.