MENTAL BLOX 360° 3-D Building P.O.V. GAME

Type: sorting
Get ready for some puzzle-solving fun with ENTAL BLOX 360° 3-D Building P.O.V. GAME
Ages: 5 - 9

Why we love it:
  • Kids build critical thinking skills as they complete point-of-view challenges
  • Game cards show different visual perspectives that kids use to create 3D puzzles, reinforcing spatial skills
  • Game play builds problem solving skills
  • This brain-boosting, make-you-think, point-of-view game challenges players to build 3-D puzzles from different visual perspectives
  • Ideal for independent play
Why kids love it:
  • The colors and shapes draw kids in! If they show no interest in completing the puzzles, they are very interested in arranging and stacking these blocks. They are hallow and plastic, so they are pretty loud clattering.
  • The inside of the storage box has an image printed on the bottom of it displaying exactly how to place the pieces so that they all store properly in the case - even the act of picking this set up is fun!
  • This is very well made, durable, & the cards are nice sized and coated. Young children will love this one-great brain teaser!
Game comes with:
  • 40 challenges on full color game cards
  • 15 colorful shapes
  • Multilingual instructions
  • Game cards are language-free
  • Features multilingual packaging
Largest piece measures 3H x 4L. For 1 or more players.