MENTAL BLOX Jr. Early Logic Game

Type: sorting
Mental Blox Junior is a 3-D puzzle and a building set in one!
Ages: 3-5 
Why we love it:
  • Encourage critical thinking with these friendly challenges.
  • Critical thinking challenges designed specifically with early learners in mind.
  • Colorful activity cards show a variety of different constructions.
  • Children try to recreate the structures with the cubes and shapes.
  • Perfect for when you're making dinner and can help if needed while they play at the kitchen table.
Why kids love it:
  • Durable, bright colors, and easy to follow instructions for kids that are not at a reading level yet.
  • Kids as young as 4 will love solving 28 puzzle challenges by stacking the colorful, engaging blocks into the right combinations. 
  • Game play incorporates block-stacking play.
    The mental blox comes with:
    • Puzzle tray,
    • 8 puzzle pieces (4 cubes, 4 shapes),
    • 28 double-sided puzzle cards,
    • and activity guide.

    Tray measures 6L x 6H, cubes measure 2L x 2H.