Jumbo Soft Foam Dominoes

Type: Math

Domino math has never been so quiet as with Jumbo Soft Foam Dominoes

Age: 5 - 8 years

Why we love it:

  • Lightweight soft foam allows for quiet individual or group activities and game play.
  • Use for sorting, patterning, arithmetic, fractions and logic problems.
  • Great for quiet primary maths activities.

Why kids love it: 

  • These are easy to grasp, hold as not slippery and very light.
  • Can be used as building blocks.
  • Soft to touch, so throwing doesn't cause any damage.

Set comes with:

Double-six dominoes comes in six bright colors. Activity guide and storage case included. Great for travelling!

Set of 28.

Dominoes measure 12.5cm L x 7.5cm W.