Type: puzzle

INVENTOR KIT Strawbees is a construction toy that let you connect straws and cardboard to build anything
Ages: 8+
Why we love it:
INVENTOR KIT is the largest kit for the demanding creators.Construct a bird,a huge mechanical snake or the model of the Great Pyramid of Giza! 

It is a toy that is created for generations to play, problem solve and invent together. Playing with Strawbees is a perfect way to learn basic mechanics, physics and construction is a playful way. Build anything from a huge mechanical robot to your favourite animal. 

  • Problem solving skills
  • Develop creativity and spatial awareness
  • Ideal solo or small group activity

Why kids love it:
INVENTOR KIT contains enough parts to invent cool objects or develop it with friends.
The set comes with:
450 parts, construction manual with 21 amusing projects.