Type: puzzle

Gears, Gears, Gears! Space Explorer Set is very collaborative and educational for kids

Age: 4+

Why we love it

  • STEM building set boosts kids critical-thinking and early engineering skills with open-ended play inspired by outer space exploration.
  • Encourages open-ended play that lets kids imaginations explore a galaxy of their own designs!
  • After they finish building, kids can explore cause-and-effect and other early physics concepts with the set's spinning gears.

Why kids love it

  • Pieces stay stuck together unlike blocks. When kids finish building and want to play with what they built everything doesn't fall apart if they knock into it.
  • There are plenty of pieces to help with sharing and play together. Kids love making towers and making the gears turn.

Set includes:

This 77-piece set includes interlocking bases, gears, connectors, a handle, astronauts, planets, a sun, a spaceship, a flag, stickers, and an activity guide.