Type: sorting
Farmer's market versatile veggie and fruit play set will nourish children's love of early learning!
Age: Under 2
Why we love it:
  • This sturdy play produce promotes color recognition, sorting skills, counting and vocabulary.
  • Playing with these realistic fruits and veggies helps reinforce a love of healthy produce like corn and grapes, and introduces new ones, like eggplant.
  • Unlike others, this food is well sized, very detailed and made of soft plastic (it has a little give if you press it).
  • The baskets are a hard plastic and have withstood many a fling across the room. They have never cracked and look as new and vibrant as on the purchase day.
  • Set includes stickers for labeling the baskets with the names of the 5 colors, printed in an easy-to-read font that looks hand written.
 Why kids love it:
  • Kids love to pretend to cook and here is the chance.
  • The buckets being a huge hit - kids can stack and restack them and turn them over to use as drums. They are very sturdy and well made.
  • They love to carry around the fruit and veggies and say their names and pretend eat and feed them to others.
  • Can play imaginative games with each other or with adults for more intellectual touch.
  • The fruits and veggies are also really well made. They don't look or feel fake.
  • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Best Toy Gold Seal & SNAP Awards (2012)
  • 2013 Learning Magazine’s Teachers’ Choice for the Classroom Award
Farmer's market set comes with:
  • 25 foods,
  • 5 baskets,
  • 5 stickers for labeling – red, yellow, orange, green and purple,
  • Activity guide
It is suitable for children with special needs! Baskets measure 10cm H x 14cm in diameter. Made of plastic compliant to all safety laws.