Type: coding
Expansion set for popular Code & Go Robot Mouse adds math
Tackle early math concepts in the Code & Go Robot Mouse Math expansion set.
Why we love it:
Using the included number and coding cards, dice, and playmat, you can introduce core coding concepts to lessons in addition, subtraction, number sequencing, and more. Engage and inspire primary children in STEM by integrating coding concepts into your math lessons. Provides real STEM learning for young children.
Why kids love it:
The possibilities here are as varied as they are fun—kids might program Colby the Mouse to find only odd- or even-numbered cards, plot out a sequence of directional commands using the results of dice rolls, or figure out the coding commands needed to send Colby to a specific number on the playmat.
Technical characteristics:
Activity board (measures 51cm L x 25.5cm W)
The set pack includes:
  • Double-sided activity board,
  • 11 number cards (0-20),
  • Two number cubes,
  • Operations cube,
  • Ruler,
  • Multilingual activity guide features multiple levels of games and challenges that grow alongside kids’ skills,
  • Features multilingual packaging.