BoomZaza clever toys has been found by two progressive moms who share 7 kids, interest in digital parenting and balanced child development integrated with feats of modern technology between them.

We could not find toys of sufficient quality paired with developmental and educational value we demanded for our children in one space, rather scattered around mass market stores. Thus we created our own speciality store with a mission of providing quality educational toys that promote growing and learning in a balanced way. 

While it is clear that new inventions in the field of audio-visual technologies are presenting new challenges for parents in terms of their role in raising their children, it is also clear that  significance of appropriate parenting has never been as crucial as now in the wake of digital technologies and the way they have absorbed children, adults and families.

We can enrich child's play with technology or we can diminish children's childhood with technology - it's our choice. Smart toys help kids prepare for high-tech future.

Digitalization doesn’t mean full screen time like many mistakenly think. It is quite the opposite marks return to pure intellectual activity and offers many opportunities for learning and personal growth, exploration and creativity, mastery of new skills, and thinking outside of the box.