Type: sorting

Count & Build TOTBOT encourages toddlers to develop counting, plus shape and color recognition skills as they build their own robot friend. 
Age: 2-5 years

Why we love it:
This is a cute toy that teaches so many different skills. Fine motor skills are developed when the child picks up then twists the bolts onto and off of the base.
Hand-eye coordination is developed when the child put on and takes off the bolts.
Color, shape, and number recognition are encouraged since each bolt has a different color, shape and number. Children can sort bolts many different ways.
It's a great toy for older kids to play along with younger siblings and teach them new things.
Why kids love it:
Kids can build their own robot friend. Children will have a blast using an easy-to-hold wrench to build it. Kids discover a colorful world of fun and creation! They love anything with tools so the screwdriver is a big hit!

The set Includes:

  • 2-Piece TotBot™,
  • 5 Color number and shape pieces,
  • Connector bolt,
  • Wrench

 Measures 8H when complete