Clever toys for digital kids! Play smarter!

Clever toys for digital kids! Play smarter!

Clever toys for digital kids! Play smarter!

Generation Z — kids born after 2000 – is the first truly digital generation. Also known as #digital kids, they scoop information generally from the internet, play games online, prefer to communicate by means of social media. They mature quicker, are skilled consumers, know what they want. They appreciate time and try to spend it most effectively.

If the previous generations were brought up on books, the Z children maximum can read a short article, mini-news, but prefer a format of tweets and the statuses on social media. It has in turn led to the fact that their thinking is fragmentary and superficial, they are more closed and introvert. Besides, they refuse habitual education. They don't see sense in it, explaining it with a lack of practical use of knowledge gained in educational institutions. But at the same time, it is impossible to call them "silly". Many of them self-study without leaving the house, learn foreign languages, new skills of interest by means of information from the Internet.

Traditional toys and games belong to the past. With the arrival of new generation of hi-tech smart toys and applications which the child can adjust or program, former approach doesn't work anymore. Their main objective is to help children seize the bases of modern technologies, engineering and mathematics. The fact that "the digital generation" is technically grounded is, of course, a myth. Children skillfully scribble messages, sit in Facebook, twitter, snapchat, stream and so on. They can google information on the Internet. But they have no ability to find the solution independently. Most can't use graphic designs, spreadsheets and databases, because their technologies are clever applications (apps).

The new generation of toys gives the chance to the child to be a director and the programmer at the same time. Progress brings us more of new various gadgets every day. How do we choose the right tech tools and experiences and adjust them for each child’s needs, abilities, interests and development stage?

Technology and interactive media are tools that can encourage effective learning and development when they are used purposely to support learning goals tailored for children individual characteristics.

The mix and balance of interactive technology and communications with others provides the most effective way for appropriate use of technology in the early stages.

Computational thinking is a must for a future. It includes logical thinking, time management, working with all sorts of data, ability to give precise directives and make forecasts and calculations. There are lots of smart toys that can help young children to advance these skills while also developing other important abilities including motor skills and communication.. Most of them don’t have a screen, which is a concern of many parents.

Smart toys which interact with your child and help them learn is rather new, but fast developing trend. They are developed by some of the high-pitched technological minds in the world. The toys of today are not called smart toys for nothing. They are colorful, well built, technologically advanced, many are ecologically friendly and pleasant both in emotional, intellectual and physical appearance. They show how much the world has changed with more emphasis now on science, electronics, and computing. Smart toys help a child’s development and prepare them for a life after school too. Many of these toys aren’t cheap, but still affordable. However, the investment in the future of our children is priceless.

Is you have some time, you can play one logic based game. You are a programmer now. You must preset the the way the bots will move in different situation. And light up all the blue tiles in the factory by the commands you give to the light-Bot. Choose the controls and put them into the slots. Good luck!