Learn the language of 21st Century

Learn the language of 21st Century

Learn the language of 21st Century

With the advances in technology and the opportunities the progress brought to the table, there is no denying that coding has become the new language of the 21st century. When kids are introduced to coding, they gain appreciation of how digital technology work. Digital technology is a big part of many kids’ lives, as they are surrounded by smart phones, video games, video entertainment, websites, and even robots. Like learning about biology and chemistry, it is important for kids to understand the building blocks of an integral part of their life. They need to realize that what happens when they use technology is not magic, and they themselves can create programs that can be useful.

Teach Your Kids to Code with Programming Toys for Kids. Your kids can learn the concepts and strategy of coding through the variety of toys. They don’t even need a computer, tablet, or smartphone! By learning the basics of programming, children can be prepared for school and future careers in STEM. The best thing is they will be having so much fun, they won’t even realize they are learning in the process!

Here are just a few of the benefits:

1. Coding Toys Can Be Affordable

It is simple, fun and relatively affordable approach to introduce kids to STEM!

2. Coding Toys Give Your Kids a Screen Break

Of course, programming will ultimately be done with a computer or other electronic device. But while learning, it’s not a bad idea to swap out all the screen time for some board game time.

3. Many Coding Toys Don’t Require Electricity

Technology Toys, such as robots, may run on batteries. This means they can be played outside while you are camping, or when the electricity goes out during a thunderstorm.

4. Coding Toys Encourage Human Interaction

Instead of being tethered to a smartphone or iPad, a kid playing a board game can play with friends and cultivate meaningful human relationships.

5. Coding Toys are Different

Kids can get bored with things quite easily. Using a toy instead of an app might pique their interest after they’ve gone through all the levels of their computer programming game.

While we teach our kids their ABCs and 123s, we have to introduce the coding concept in a most fun and easy going way. Through toys, through play!

If you have some time, you can play an ultimate brain trainer game to test your logic and puzzle-solving skills. Draw one line in one go to complete each level!